Our facility would be nothing without the skilled and experienced team to manage and operate our equipment. Our team is the reason for the strong positive reputation Triten has worked hard to earn and the reason for our satisfied repeat customers continuing to choose Triten over the years.

To better suit our clients’ needs, Triten offers on-site or in-house services. For in-house services, Triten has a range of tools at our facilities to properly and efficiently complete the job. We are constantly adding to our selection of tools and services available at our facility, however here are a selection of some of our most frequently requested tools:

  • 8 foot & 5/8-inch capacity plate roller, strong enough to handle industrial strength projects
  • DoAll friction saw to consume up to 1,500-feet of raw, working stock every minute
  • Welding tools and machinery to handle jobs including acetylene to TIG, MIG, and many others
  • Hydrapower plate shearer to slice working stock up to 10-feet long and a half inch thick
  • 95-ton Piranja iron worker, stout enough for industrial use, but nimble enough for the smallest of projects
  • 30-ton overhead crane
  • 8-foot plate rolls capability of ¾ inch foot plate

Triten is your best resource…